Uludag Mountain

Mount Uludag (Great Mountain) is 2543 meters high, making it the highest point in the Marmara region, and the Aras Waterfalls and glaciers at the peak are its most interesting geographical features.

Uludag National Park, 36 km south of Bursa, is one of Turkey’s favorite winter sports centres and as well as skiing, its richness of flora and fauna has made it into a National Park and summer activities like trekking and camping are also popular. Uludag was previously known as Olympos Misios in ancient times and is known in mythology as the place where the gods watched the Trojan war.

Being Turkey’s most important center for winter sports and skiing, the number of days Mount Uludag is covered with snow is 178 days. Due to its proximity to large residential areas and the mass amount of camping and daily use, Bursa satisfies the recreational needs of the nearby cities. The annual visitors of Uludag National Park are close to 1,000,000 people.

The highest peak of Mount Uludag is Kartaltepe at 2543 meters. It is covered in forests, and the region has a partially temperate climate with a dominant wind direction of south-west/south. The altitude of the skiing area is between 1750 – 2543 meters, and the best season is from late December to late March. The snow at the beginning of the season is powdery, getting increasingly slushy towards the end. To the north are other high plateaus: Sarialan, Kirazliyayla, Kadiyayla, and Sobra.

Uludag National Park in Summer

Uludag National Park is very popular with tourists and day-trippers. Uludag (Great Mountain) is within a national park, there is easy walking up the gentle slopes, beautiful glacial lakes and forests and Alpine meadows to picnic by, plenty of hotels, cable cars, and fantastic food.