Trabzon is one of the major cities of Turkey and the biggest one in the Eastern Black Sea region. Its population is over 870 thousands (2016) spreading out over 4,663 km2 area. Due to the rainy climate, even in the summer season, it became a home for green forests and mountains with many rivers and highlands. There are major roads connecting Trabzon to other cities, a busy harbor for international shipping traffic in the Black Sea, and an international airport. The city is famous for fishing, football team, and the Sumela Monastery. The Byzantines discovered the significance to Trabzon from a military point of view.

DEPARTURE TIME Please be ready at least 15 minutes before the tour.
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During the reign of Emperor Justinian in the 6th century, the city walls were thoroughly repaired and extended. A road from Trabzon to Persia was paved. Huts for defense were built at bends and effort was put to establish Christianity so that the tribe Can, the dwellers along the road would be obedient. Aqueducts of Saint Eugenius were built. In the 8th century the Muslim Arab armies entered Anatolia and came down to Trabzon, invading the area surrounding the citadel, were they saw hazel nuts for the first time. In the 9th century the Muslim Turkish armies started coming to the Trabzon area and outer part of the citadel went under the sovereignty of the Muslim Turks. Greeks were still inside defending the citadel. It is in this period that construction of the Saint Ann Church in the Ayvasil district was completed.


Day 1 Departure

Once you are in Istanbul, we will pick you up from your hotel to Airport. Otherwise, if you desided to go to Trabzon directly from your own country, then, you should contact us to get a new quote. Once in Trabzon Airport, we will arrange for your transportation from and to the airport.


Day 2 Uzungöl Tour

Turkey’s rain forests are known as the large forested areas where the Bulbous Mountain with Kaçkar Mountain are of full joints located in Uzungol, and is home to more than 60 endemic plant species and vegetation, and in addition, a habitat for the brown bear, lynx, and other wild animals such as deer. If you are a nature lover, and you want to enjoy experiencing the outstanding wildlife and stunning natural beauty, then your choice to book with Uzungol Tour is unmatched. You will be picked up from either the Trabzon Airport, your Trabzon Hotel, Trabzon cruise ship port, or Trabzon Marina. You will find our tour guide holding up a sign with your name written on it. The guide will provide you with a complementary map of the city of Trabzon, brochures about Turkey, and a map of the whole country. The tour is 7-hour long, and during the Trabzon to Uzungol tour, we will enjoy our time visiting the waterfall and walking along in the forests of Uzungol, and you will have the chance t0 pay a visit to Serah village as well.

You will be picked up from either your hotel, Trabzon harbor, or Trabzon airport and will be dropped off back at the same place.We will be walking through the waterfall and the forests of Uzungol forests during Uzungol TourThe tour offers a delightful opportunity for walking, climbing tracking, and visit the botanical spots. We will enjoy scrumptious lunch at a local Trout restaurant. Last but not the least in the Trabzon to Uzungol trip is the visit of the Serah village.


Day 3 Ayder Tour

This is your chance to explore the amazing and majestic sites of turkey with our famous Ayder tour. We take you on a memorable and engaging trip from Trabzon to Ayder, allowing you to mingle with the very core of traditional Turkey where you can; explore the world’s renowned knife craft shops, taste the tempting flavors of traditional Turkish delights, find your adventurous self by rafting in Zeni river and then exploring the fine flavors of Turkish tea and getting in touch with the ancient history of the country at Tashköprü (Stone Bridge). All in all, this is definitely one of the best and thorough tours of Trabzon that will overwhelm your inner tourist beautifully.

Visit the historical knife shops of Sürmene Visit the Arsin Turkish delights factory to enjoy the uniquely sweet taste of Turkish delights.

Delve into a little water adventure at the Zeni Rafting area.

Visit the tea factory in Trabzon to experience one of the best tea flavors in the whole world.

See the ancient Tashköprü (Stone Bridge) for a short but magnificent lesson in the ancient history of the bridge which dates back to the Roman era.

Trip will start at 09:00 am sharp and you will be back in your hotel by 05:00 pm. Lunch is also included in the trip.


Day 4 Trabzon Tours

Not all the tourists who come to see the magnificent beauty of Turkey are of the same nature and purpose. Trabzon city tour is one of the best tours we offer for our clients. The one-day tour consists of all the necessary visits to the major places in the city of Trabzon and its adjacent outskirts. The tour will take about 6-7 hours and we are hopeful that you will acknowledge and appreciate the fact that it is worth the while and value. This tour will take you to the places which are the most important destinations in the area and we have done our best to manage the time so that you can visit all of them. Though, visiting all of them may not be possible if you go on your own.
Hagia Sophia Museum in Trabzon
Ataturk palace in Trabzon
Sera Lake
Boztepe tea Garden
Shopping Time


Day 5 Free Day

You have a free day and you can do lots of things on your own; for example; some people enjoy being in groups and socialize with people while others may prefer to be alone or accompanying a close friend or their spouse for shopping. At our tours, every tourist is valued, and we do our best to cater to all our clients according to their packages. The Hidirnebi tour has been carefully designed to take the second type of tourists to a tour to the Hidirnebi plateau. At this point you can arrange your own spare time to go to Hidirnebi plateau.


Day 6 Giresun Waterfalls Tour

Touring is not limited to only be about visiting the ancient monuments and visiting the busy city centers and overcrowded picnic areas. Another thing quite worth seeing while on a tour is the natural spots in a country. Giresun waterfalls are a group of waterfalls in the north of Turkey. The Giresun Province has a number of amazing waterfalls spread throughout it. It is the very region where the famous tea of Turkey is produced.

We are offering this tour to the Giresun Waterfalls where you can enjoy the traditional Turkish tea in the very same area where it is cultivated. You will also get to see the whole manufacturing process from which the tea is harvested and made into a ready-to-use product.

We will pick you up at 8:30 in the morning and dropp you off at your hotle back at 6:30 in the evening, the 10 hour tour will take you through the key places of the Giresun Region. And now we will explain what exactly you should expect from the 10 hours tour. All our Trabzon tours are unique in their own way. Here is a breakdown of this tour

Seeing the bewildering scenery from Trabzon to Giresun Waterfalls
Visiting the harvesting area where the tea is, then, taken to be packaged to make a nice cup of tea before your eyes
Visit the biggest waterfalls of Kuazalar Shelalesi
Visiting the iconic blue lake of Mavi gol
Enjoying a deliscious Turkish lunch at a traditional Turkish restaurant at the Sena hotel
Stopping by at the Aymachill which is an amazing picnic spot
Lastly, visiting the Ottoman Empire’s padder house


Day 7 Free day

You have a free day and you can do lots of things by yourself such as walking around and shopping.


Day 8 Return

You will be transferred from your hotel to Trabzon Airport and fly back to Istanbul Airport.