If you go to a romantic dinner with your spouse or go site seeing in the mountains or at the historically important sites, all that may not be quite attractive for kids. They just get bored and may get to bother you very much. To let the kids enjoy the things in Istanbul meant for them, we have designed the tour named Istanbul for Kids.

This tour consists of taking you to the Istanbul Vialand Theme park, Aquarium, Panorama 1453 and Miniaturk which are some of the places in Istanbul that Kids can enjoy. The day tour will take children under full supervision and care and will be useful for them to interact with other children while they enjoy the beauties of Istanbul especially designed to entertain them. It will be a leisure tour for the kids which will also teach them some practical lessons.

DEPARTURE TIMEPlease arrive at least 15 minutes before the tour.
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As Turkey hosts tourists from around the world, the children at the places we are going to, have also come from different places throughout the world and all of them have to teach something to your child. Your kids will learn something good from the fellow kids which will be a plus point for them among all the other children of their age.


From 10:00 To 20:00

The tour, as said earlier, has been designed and tuned to entertain the kids. This tour is designed as a family tour to make the whole family enjoy a day out with a special focus on the kids. The places we will visit on this tour and the activities involved are explained below.

Who says Disneyland is the only place for kids to enjoy at the fullest. Istanbul has got one of the best parks in the entire Europe for kids. Let kids aside even elders tend to enjoy here as much as children do. The park is ranked 5th best among the 800 parks in Europe. Some of the activities you and your kids can enjoy here are

Meet the video game characters in real life in motion rides and VR zones
Enjoy some great movie at the Cinemaximum cinema
Enjoy various indoor sports like bowling and puzzles
Enjoy famous movie characters in the theme park
Enjoy interactive enjoyment sessions and on-stage performances
Have a thrilling ride on one of Europe’s best Roller coasters
Enjoy the company of hundreds of exotic reptiles and insects in the indoor zoo called Jungle Istanbul

If you don’t have enough time to go to all the places in Turkey, this is where you must go. Miniaturk is situated on the Eastern shore of the Golden Horn in Istanbul and spreading over some 60,000 square meters it is one of the largest miniature parks in the world featuring the scale models of a number of prominent places in Turkey as well as the whole world. The models are made to the scale of 1:25 which is large enough to show the main features of the structures. The park was opened for public in 2003. It contains 122 scale models most important of which are

Mausoleum of Mausolus
Temple of Artemis
Hagia Sophia Church
Madrin Stone Houses

The Istanbul Panorama 1453 depicts the fall of Constantinople in the year 1453. It is a 360 degree painting of the time when the Ottoman troops overthrew the Byzantine dynasty in the city and the Sultan Mehmet II was given the title of Fatih (conqueror). The museum was opened on 31st January 2009 and the painting showing the fall of Constantinople is 38 meters in Diameter and has a total painted area of 2350 meters.

No family tour is ever complete without a visit to the shopping center. We are determined to make the tour special for you and your beloved ones so we want to make it every part of it superb. The shopping mall we are taking you to is the Istanbul Shopping center. The mall offers a number of local and international brands where you can shop for the local and imported stuff for yourself or to gift to your loved ones back home. The good things about it are

The mall has an aquarium for you to enjoy the marine life. The Aquarium can be visited before or after the shopping or you can simply leave the children there and shop in peace.

If you have the type of kids who are not interested in fishes you can try the legoland. Almost all the children are attracted to lego and we assume that this will end the tour in such a way that your children will always thank you for the wonderful time you gave them.

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