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Bursa Tour

Daily Tours - İstanbul
From/Per person $25
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Bursa – Group Tour

Bursa tour is a daily trip, it starts at eight in the morning and ends at nine in the evening, of course we take you from the hotel to it.

The main stations visited during the tour:

 First we head to the Asian side of Istanbul, then we cross the Marmara Sea in a ferry that takes an hour to an hour and a half. On a special cruise to go to Bursa, we pass on our way to the safari bike station.

We take a safari tour in the most beautiful area on the Sea of ​​Marmara (optional), then we go to To Uludag Mountain, the first stop on the mountain is the famous Turkish lokum exhibition (Ottoman Turkish delight), then we have lunch (mixed grills, salads and drinks) in the best restaurants in Bursa, then we go to visit the famous Turkish honey exhibition to get acquainted with and shop for the best types of Turkish honey, then We go to the nannies exhibition, which contains the best types of international jams, and on the way up the mountain, we pass the perennial historical tree and the old market next to the historical tree, then we continue to climb to the top of the mountain to visit the cable car stations .


Finally, we start our calm and quiet way back to Istanbul after full day of joyful.


Fees include:

1-    Transfer from - to the hotel

2-     Lunch

3-     Cable car

4-    A Turkish  tour guide speaks Arabic and English

5-     Ferry ride fee

Fees  exclude:

1-    Departing from the itinerary.

2-    Fee for individual activities during the tour.