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Ayder Tour

Daily Tours - Trabzon
From/Per person $25
  • Tour guide


    This is your chance to explore the amazing and majestic sites of Turkey with our famous Ayder tour. We take you on a memorable and engaging trip from Trabzon to Ayder, allowing you to mingle with the very core of traditional Turkey where you can; explore the world’s renowned knife craft shops, taste the tempting flavors of traditional Turkish delights, find your adventurous self by rafting in Fırtına river and then exploring the fine flavors of Turkish tea and getting in touch with the ancient history of the country at Tashköprü (Stone Bridge). All in all, this is definitely one of the best and thorough tours of Trabzon that will overwhelm your inner tourist beautifully.

Visit the historical knife shops of Sürmene

Visit the Arsin Turkish delights factory to enjoy the uniquely sweet taste of Turkish delights

Delve into a little water adventure at the Rize Rafting area

Visit the tea factory in Trabzon to experience one of the best tea flavors in the whole world

See the ancient Tashköprü (Stone Bridge) for a short but magnificent lesson in the ancient history of the bridge which dates back to the Roman era.

Trip will start at 9 AM and you will be back in your hotel in evening.


  • Surmene Çal Cave
  • Surmene Knife Shops
  • Risa
  • Fırtına  River
  • Ayder Plateu
  • Lunch
  • Rafting (optional)
  • Back to Hotel


Fees Included:

1- Transfer from and to Hotel

2- Tour guide

Fees excluded:


2- Fee for individual activities during the visit