Tekfur Palace Museum

Tekfur Palace is the only palace to survive from the Blaherne Palace complex in Istanbul. It is located in Edirnekapi district within the boundaries of Fatih District in Istanbul; The thick-walled palace, built adjacent to the land walls and situated between Edirnekapı and Eğrikapı, is called “Tekfur Palace”.

Situated in Ayvansaray, Tekfur Palace (Palace of Porphyrogenitus) was built as an annex to the Blachernae Palace in the late thirteenth century. The exact construction date of the palace is not certain, yet according to the primary sources it was built during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos (r. 1261-1282) for his son Prince Constantine “Porphyrogenitus”. Purple was the color of the Byzantine imperial family and porphyrogenitus -meaning literally “born to the purple” indicate a Byzantine prince born to a reigning emperor.

The location of the palace was crucial, because it was situated at the highest point of Constantinople (Byzantine Istanbul) on the northwest corner of the city, therefore controlling the Golden Horn, Pera (today’s Galata), and city itself.

Museum is closed on Mondays, and open to visitors between 09:00 – 17:00 on other days.