The Biggest Thematic Aquarium Of The World

In comparison to other aquariums of its class containing fish species living in the world’s seas, it is the newest with its travel route, thematization, interactivity, rainforest, and cutting-edge technology…

Istanbul Akvaryum holds a leading position among worldwide aquariums thanks to its volume, variety of fish species, and the activities on travel routes. It is a project which makes ‘firsts’ and ‘mosts’ in its field.

The visitors, by following a geographical route, travel on a route that hosts 17 themes and 1 rainforest going from the Black Sea towards the Pacific.

Istanbul Akvaryum is managed by specialists in their field and in compliance with international standards in every sense.

All living creatures in Istanbul Akvaryum continue to live in the conditions as nearest as possible to those of their habitat.

Istanbul Akvaryum In Figures

  • Water volume: 7.000 cubic meters; 66tanks in total,
  • A two-storey giant project with a total area of 22.000 square meters on 100-decare land,
  • Parking lot area of 32.000 square meters/1.200 vehicles belonging to Istanbul Akvaryum,
  • Visitor area of 6.000 square meters,
  • A special-themed, 1,2 km long travel route originating in the Black Sea towards the Pacific,
  • Approximately 1.500 species, 17.000 land and sea creatures in total, which are interesting from each other,
  • A gift shop with an area of 470 square meters within Istanbul Akvaryum,
  • 3 cafeterias on the travel route,
  • 1 restaurant having the Panama Canal view on one side and the sea view on the other.


  • Feeding Hours

Would you like to be there for the feeding of sharks, crocodiles, and many other fascinating sea creatures?

In Istanbul Akvaryum, Turkey’s and the world’s biggest thematic aquarium, you also can watch the daily regular feeding sessions and witness the feeding processes of the creatures in the aquarium from up close!

You can follow this educational show, in which the creatures of our aquarium, one more interesting than the other, are fed by expert aquarists through the tunnel in the Central Atlantic area, the acrylic glass in the Western Atlantic area or the half tunnel in the Panama area.

  • Photo Shoot

Would you like to immortalize your unforgettable experience during your visit Istanbul Aquarium?

With the professional photo shooting service with MG Photography quality, we will take your photo in front of a green screen, after which you can choose between 5 different backgrounds, which all reflect the magical ambiance of the underwater world with all its beauty. This way you will have always a reminder of your wonderful visit to Istanbul Akvaryum.

MG Photography, providing photography and camera shooting service since 2003, awaits you with its expert team, professional studio and state of the art digital printing systems at Istanbul Akvaryum!

  • Diving with Sharks

If you like the idea of diving with the most magnificent creatures of the ocean, you only have to come to Istanbul Akvaryum! By diving with sharks, one of the most popular activities of our aquarium, you get a one in a lifetime experience with these spectacular creatures or you can give this special activity to someone you love as a gift, that they won’t forget for the rest of their lives.

While diving with sharks in Istanbul Akvaryum you get the chance to see more than twenty sharks from different regions around the world up close and swim with them. With this activity, which you can do alone or with your family and friends, you will experience unforgettable moments.

Everyone who is over the age of 14 and doesn’t have any medical problems that would prevent one from diving can participate at the shark dive, accompanied by experts. After the dive the participants receive a special “Istanbul Akvaryum Diving Certificate”. This certificate only states that you participated in the shark dive activity and doesn’t hold any official validity.

  • Diving Course for Beginners

If you are interested in scuba diving training, you can choose diving courses organized by expert instructors at the Bosporus Underwater Research Center within the CMAS (Confederation Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques – World Underwater Events Confederation) standards. By successfully completing the courses, which do not require any prerequisites and for which the dive equipment is provided by the program, you are able to receive the desired diving certificate.

  • Gift Shop

After you have visited Istanbul Akvaryum, the world’s biggest thematic aquarium, don’t forget to take a look at the special gifts/souvenirs in our gift shop at the exit.

The gift shop offers many beautiful and qualitative original products such as colorful toys, various souvenirs, and ornaments of the sea creatures in Istanbul Akvaryum, magnets, accessories and trinkets for every desire. You can keep one of the special products, offered to you in our shop, as a souvenir for yourself or give it to somebody as a meaningful and nice gift, who is interested in the sea and its creatures.

If you come to Istanbul Akvaryum, we would love to welcome you to our gift shop before you leave!


Aqua Florya Shopping and Life Center opened its doors on 04th October 2012 to its customers with a brand new concept that aims to change the vision of ordinary shopping centers. The most desirable point of Aqua Florya, which combined entertainment and shopping under one roof, is the world’s biggest thematic aquarium, called Istanbul Akvaryum. Also, the delicious tastes of diverse kitchens, cafés, and restaurants with sea view and a big amphitheater for various events, is its specialization. The doors of fascinating view and ambiance, which will let you feel unique are open 7 days from 10 am till 10 pm.




There are very few structures in the area that could be called historical remains. The history of Uzungol is tied in with that of Trabzon’s. Trabzon’s ancient name was “Trapezos. This means “table”. The old city had been built on a narrow hill that stretched down to the sea in the shape of a table.

Trabzon was built during 800 B.C. as a colony of Sinop. Later, from 1204 to 1461 it enjoyed a wealthy period as the capital city of the Ethnic Greek Pontus state. Trabzon was a metropolis until Yavuz Sultan Selim became governor of Trabzon around the beginning of the 16th century, and was occupied by Russia for about 2 years during WWI. During the latter period battles were fought with the Russians and local Ethnic Greek brigands in Uzungol and Haldizen. The graves of the Turkish martyrs are still in the Haldizen valley.The 1625 hectares of the park was designated as a Nature Park in 1989 because of the rich plant life, wildlife and sightseeing potential. The Nature Park is 99 kilometers to Trabzon and 19 kilometers to Caykara County. The lake was formed when a landslide dammed the Haldizen Stream, flooding the valley. 

The settlement area formed around is called “Uzungol”, meaning “Long Island”. Uzungol is also the name of the village on the lake’s coast.  

It is at a height of 1090 meters from sea level. However water plane of the lake differs according to seasonal water flow, in general, its length is 1000 m, its width is 500 m, its depth is almost 15m. Trout fish can be found in the lake.

The dominant tree species is Eastern spruce, and there are also badger, bearded, alder, hornbeam, hazelnut, oak, mountain elm, and silver birch trees. Species of animals include mountain goat, roe deer, bear, wolf, wild boar, marten, badger, lynx, jackal, fox, rabbit, squirrel, wild ducks, birds of prey, trout and various kinds of reptiles.

The most important river in the area is the Demirkapi, and the Uzungol Lake was formed as a result of the rocks closing the mouth of the river. 10 km south of the lake is the Norizca mountain, with an altitude of 300m. The best time to visit the park is between April and October.

Almost ten smaller lakes on the higher sides of the mountains around provide alternative activities for visitors. There are accommodation facilities, picnic areas, and trekking routes in the park. Also, pedalos are available for hire. In addition to the trekking, bird watching and botanical tours of the highest lake of Haldizen Valley and Trabzon, there are also opportunities to arrange spring tours that can be visited by the villages with wooden village villas of the traditional Black Sea architecture besides the natural beauty such as SekersuDemirkapiYaylaonu, and the nearby ponds or the hills between the higher mountains. 



  • Mountaineering and Trekking Routes

• Caykara Uzungol Location – Karastel Plateau – Sekersu Plateau

  • Paragliding

The province has several locations suitable for paragliding:

  • Uzungol – Karastel Hill 
  • Uzungol – Karacimah Hill (Yente) – Cayiroba

  • Jeep – Safari Routes

  • Trabzon –Macka – Sumela Monastery – Camibogazi –Taskopru – Yagmurdere – Pazarcik Tourism Centre – Soganli Pass- Uzungol – Anzer – Coruh Valley
  • Trabzon –Arakli – Dagbasi – Aydintepe – Underground City – Demirkapi Lakes – Uzungol – Caykara – Of – Trabzon 

  • Camping and Caravanning

There are camping and caravanning facilities in most of the high pastures.

  •  Uzungol Inan Kardesler Camp Site – Golbasi Uzungol
  •  Uzungol Kofuoglu Facilities


  • Helicopter Tour

An activity that has attracted much attention recently has been presented to the visitors of Uzungol. This activity is a unique opportunity for those who want to watch a birds-eye view. Yes, Uzungol helicopter tour is a popular activity model.

  • Nature Photography

Another thing you can do during your trip to Uzungol is nature photography if you are curious. As you can do individually, you can also take part in safari-style photography.

  • Shopping

When you visit this natural wonder holiday resort, you can buy souvenirs, especially traditional wears, loincloths, wooden spoons, rag dolls, bags, and hats as a memory of Uzungol.

  • Uzungol Festivals

Festivals are held every year in summer, since 2003. Uzungol Festival lasts for 3 days. There are concerts, folklore, and acrobatic performances at this festival.




  • Sekersu Plateau

Sekersu Plateau is one of the most beautiful places in Trabzon. Formerly named as Sakarsuthe plateau is adjacent to Karacam and Yaylaonuo villages. You can go to the plateau, which is closed to settlement due to the climatic conditions in winter, in summer.,

  • Haldizen Plateau 

Haldizen Plateau is also known as Demirkapi Plateau and it is one of the most dynamic places of the Black Sea. Haldizen plateau can be easily reached from Uzungol. The plateau is 16 kilometers from the village of Serah in Uzungol

Haldizen Plateau surrounded by white high peaks, meadows and dense forest. It consists of three neighborhoods with centenary wooden houses adorned with scented mountain flowers.

  • Garester Plateau

Garester Plateau, one of the beautiful highlands of Uzungol, is also worth seeing. It is located in the south of Uzungol and when you go up to the plateau, you can’t get enough of watching the amazing view of Uzungol.


  • Serah Village

Especially the old wooden houses, which were built in the local style of Serahvillage in the region, are in complete harmony with nature’s beauty. 

The village has its name due to the fact that its houses are in complete harmony with the environment and complete the natural beauty of the surroundings. You will have the opportunity to see and enjoy the experience with the local people while at the Trabzon to Uzungol tour. Once we will be done with visiting and seeing all these places, you will have a chance to stroll at your ease and leisure and enjoy having refreshments in the Turkish village. 

  • Uzungol Mosque

The moment you see the minarets, it means “Welcome to Uzungol”One of the symbols of UzungolUzungol Mosque can be seen from 600 meters away with its minarets. The mosque was built in 2002. Especially professional photographers love to take photos of the mosque. The silhouette of the mosque that hits the lake is like a photo that will not be erased from your memories.


Restaurants in the Black Sea region of Uzungol are waiting for you. You can start your day with an organic breakfast here, where you can have a busy schedule. ​

The flavor, which is served as a mixture of the type of cheese called cornmeal and minci, is roasted in the real butter produced in the plateaus and is transformed into delicious food that you can eat your fingers. Definitely the flavor you’ll want to see on your breakfast menu, as it’s organic, served as a hot menu for breakfast.

In Uzungol, which is one of the most delicious places for fish lovers, it is possible to taste many local delicacies such as cabbage wrap, cabbage soup, and anchovy bread.


In winter, the region is visited by people who want to stay alone in Uzungol with its magnificent view. And also, it is targeted that the tourism season will be expanded in Trabzon with Uzungol Winter Tourism Center project. 

  • Expected Investments For Winter Tourism

Uzungol has a characteristic of the center of attraction in tourism and gets huge demand in the tourism season. With this project, infrastructure for winter tourism will be developed. There is no legal barrier for the investment of the project, the master plan and feasibility is ready. 


  •  Sarikaya Plateau, five-star hotel with 3.500 person capacity and 10 royal villas. 
  •  Garester Plateau, five-star hotel with 3.000 person capacity and 20 royal villas. 
  •  31 ski-tracks with 32 km length conforming to international competition standards. 
  •  Cable car system with 5.000 people/hour and 15 stations 30 km length.
  •  5.000 estimated employment.
  •  Free fun zone and winter-themed recreation area.
  •  Winter sports equipment renting centers.
  •  Mountain restaurant with 250 people capacity.
  •  Viewing platform made with glass and cafe.
  •  Ski training center.
  •  Heli-ski arena.


Make sure you bring warm winter clothes and anoraks when visiting the Black Sea. Also, bring any medication which you take regularly with you.
The most common problem encountered on Black Sea mountain tours is “mountain sickness”, as it is commonly called. When very high altitudes (2000 – 3000 meters) are climbed quickly, this sickness may occur with symptoms such as headache, nausea, dizziness, and insomnia. If you start having these kinds of symptoms, the best thing to do is stop the climb and go back. People suffering from high blood pressure and heart diseases should abstain from such trips.


The facilities in Uzungol have not really been planned with children in mind, so do not expect too much from the area. If you do want to bring your children with you, then you must ensure you have all their needs brought with you. It would also be unsuitable for children to accompany adults on the walks to the plateaus. The walks are usually very long and arduous. If you wish to come with your kids and enjoy a nice holiday in the arms of Mother Nature, then be prepared to stay mostly in Uzungol. You will need to make the best of the facilities and the area.