With a total construction area of 495.000 square meters in Bayrampasa, Istanbul, Forum Istanbul is not only the biggest shopping center of Turkey, but also the biggest shopping center of Europe with a rentable area of 176.000 square meters, and 292 national and international brands.

In addition to its rich category and store mix, Forum Istanbul hosts Istanbul Sea Life Aquarium with Europe’s biggest shark family and the first theme park Jurassic Land, and also led the way by incorporating Turkey’s first Legoland Discovery Center.

In addition to big and special entertainment areas, Forum Istanbul also offers 10 separate entertainment concepts together including the Cinemaximum Movie Theaters, Funlab Entertainment World, Atlantis Bowling, Tiox Entertainment Center, Flyride Helicopter Tour Simulation, Magical Hands kids’ club, and sandcastle playground.

Sea Life Istanbul

Sea LIFE is the largest and most visited aquarium chain in the world serving with more than 40 years of knowledge on 51 different locations in 4 continents. Its center in Turkey was founded on an area of 8000 square meters in Bayrampasa Forum Shopping Mall. In the aquarium, there is an underwater ocean tunnel of 83 meters, almost the length of a football field. This is the longest ocean tunnel in Turkey and Europe.

In SEA LIFE Istanbul, about 15,000 marine creatures of over 500 species live in 5 million liters of water in 51 exhibition tanks. These include Turkey’s largest family of sharks and 2 largest sharks, consisting of over 60 sharks of 15 different species, including sand tiger, zebra, and hammock. Huge stingrays over 3 meters in length in different species, belonging to the family of sharks, say hello to visitors in Sea Life Istanbul. Other interesting species included in this vast ocean tank are horseshoe crab, the species of which is 570 million years old or arapaimas whose tongues are about 1.5 meters long and which became a legend of Amazon Indians.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Istanbul

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Istanbul, one of the world’s most famous entertainment centers, offers fun and educational activities for families with children aged 3-10 in an area of 3,000 m2 within Bayrampasa Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Istanbul, consisting of 2 million LEGO® parts, has fun LEGO® trips, LEGO® factory tour which tells the secret of Master Model Builder and organized in different concepts each week, 4-D Cinema, birthday room which is specially located for birthday celebrations and special events, theme parks and the first MINILAND in which the most important architectures of Turkey and the world are exhibited together with local artifacts. LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Istanbul offers fun minutes not only for children but also for adults with Adult Night activities organized in different concepts. You can buy LEGO® sets and LEGO® pieces in grams in LEGO® store which is not available at any other point of sales. Since its opening, LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Istanbul has been trying to do its best to offer entertaining activities for visitors and make them learn by enjoying. It has been the first and only center in the world to receive the Trip Advisor Excellence Certificate among LEGOLAND® Discovery Centres in the 16 metropolitans with its visitors’ evaluations.

Shopping, Entertainment, Social Life and Gastronomy Center

Emaar Square Mall, which has been one of the parts of social life in Istanbul since 28 April 2017, continues to host its visitors with its unique and inclusive line.

Emaar Square Mall project entered into service to provide an area where meets all the needs of its visitors from Turkey and other countries, as a result of this mission it hosts 491 separate brands.

At the same time luxury, accessible luxury and economic; offer options for every budget in one place. Along with the brand’s own discounts and deals, Emaar Square makes shopping easier with the advantages it offers to its visitors.

By adopting the same approach in the field of eating and drinking; international cuisine, as well as traditional Turkish cuisine are located in the mall. While offering a wide range of flavors, it is also possible to find a choice of kitchens for every meal of the day. Emaar Square continues to be a gastronomy center with this attitude while designing the coffee and cocktail-based beverage mix which has become a part of modern city life so that visitors can have a pleasant time.

The first 4DX multi-storey cinema of the Anatılian Side with a capacity of 2400 people, Emaar Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, and 3 different social concepts offered for both children and adults as the viewing terrace that started in 2018; Emaar Square Mall makes an opportunity to escape the chaos of the city with our family and friends.

also carries a wellness center features over the 138 thousand 423 square meters field.

Emaar Square embraces the heart of fashion while hosting various brands from Italian, French, German, American and many parts of the world; It creates a traditional, modern, popular and universal concept by including Turkish brands in its field.

Emaar Square, with its indoor and outdoor shops, provides a sheltered area. on the other hand, it has an architecture that does not deprive its visitors of the free, spacious street air.

Emaar Square is located in Uskudar, one of the most popular cities of Istanbul with its large land, multi-story structure, open area and promises a new neighborhood of its own originality to all visitors in its easily accessible area.


  • Emaar Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

More than 20,000 water creatures from different points of the world are at Emaar Square Mall.

Emaar Aquarium & Underwater Zoo offers visitors unique experiences and unforgettable memories as they discover the wonders of the sea.

More than 20.000 sea creatures and amphibians including the largest creatures of the world, dazzling beauties, wierd and poisonous species from the gripping jungles to the depths of the oceans welcomes visitors in an admirable world.

You will be mesmerized by Emaar Aquarium & Underwater Zoo!

  • FunLab

FunLab is an indoor family entertainment center offering entertainment for everyone from 7 to 77, with a total of 7 branches.

  • VR Room

Get ready for an indescribable fun with the best virtual reality experience in town. PUBG, Beat Saber, Arizona Sunshine, Creed and many more await you at VR ROOM and VR ROOM Arena.

  • Cafes and Restaurants 

Some of the food chains in the shopping center are Burger King, Caffé Nero, Carl’s Jr., Chillbox, KFC, Krispy Kreme, McDonald’s, Popeyes, Saray Muhallebecisi, Starbucks, Sushico, Tavuk Dunyasi, The House Cafe, Vakko Patisserie.

  • Stores

Some of the international brands in the shopping center are Adidas, Benetton, Bershka, Beymen Club, Big Baker, Desa, Divarese, Gucci, Guess, Hermes, Hugo Boss, Intimissimi, LC Waikiki, Louis Vuitton, MAC, Mango, Marks&Spencer, Massimo Dutti, Mavi, Nars, Oysho, Puma, Samsonite, Samsung, Sephora, Skechers, Stradivarius, The North Face, Under Armour, Vakko, Vans, Victoria’s Secret, Yves Rocher, Zara, Zara Home.

The Biggest Thematic Aquarium Of The World

In comparison to other aquariums of its class containing fish species living in the world’s seas, it is the newest with its travel route, thematization, interactivity, rainforest, and cutting-edge technology…

Istanbul Akvaryum holds a leading position among worldwide aquariums thanks to its volume, variety of fish species, and the activities on travel routes. It is a project which makes ‘firsts’ and ‘mosts’ in its field.

The visitors, by following a geographical route, travel on a route that hosts 17 themes and 1 rainforest going from the Black Sea towards the Pacific.

Istanbul Akvaryum is managed by specialists in their field and in compliance with international standards in every sense.

All living creatures in Istanbul Akvaryum continue to live in the conditions as nearest as possible to those of their habitat.

Istanbul Akvaryum In Figures

  • Water volume: 7.000 cubic meters; 66tanks in total,
  • A two-storey giant project with a total area of 22.000 square meters on 100-decare land,
  • Parking lot area of 32.000 square meters/1.200 vehicles belonging to Istanbul Akvaryum,
  • Visitor area of 6.000 square meters,
  • A special-themed, 1,2 km long travel route originating in the Black Sea towards the Pacific,
  • Approximately 1.500 species, 17.000 land and sea creatures in total, which are interesting from each other,
  • A gift shop with an area of 470 square meters within Istanbul Akvaryum,
  • 3 cafeterias on the travel route,
  • 1 restaurant having the Panama Canal view on one side and the sea view on the other.


  • Feeding Hours

Would you like to be there for the feeding of sharks, crocodiles, and many other fascinating sea creatures?

In Istanbul Akvaryum, Turkey’s and the world’s biggest thematic aquarium, you also can watch the daily regular feeding sessions and witness the feeding processes of the creatures in the aquarium from up close!

You can follow this educational show, in which the creatures of our aquarium, one more interesting than the other, are fed by expert aquarists through the tunnel in the Central Atlantic area, the acrylic glass in the Western Atlantic area or the half tunnel in the Panama area.

  • Photo Shoot

Would you like to immortalize your unforgettable experience during your visit Istanbul Aquarium?

With the professional photo shooting service with MG Photography quality, we will take your photo in front of a green screen, after which you can choose between 5 different backgrounds, which all reflect the magical ambiance of the underwater world with all its beauty. This way you will have always a reminder of your wonderful visit to Istanbul Akvaryum.

MG Photography, providing photography and camera shooting service since 2003, awaits you with its expert team, professional studio and state of the art digital printing systems at Istanbul Akvaryum!

  • Diving with Sharks

If you like the idea of diving with the most magnificent creatures of the ocean, you only have to come to Istanbul Akvaryum! By diving with sharks, one of the most popular activities of our aquarium, you get a one in a lifetime experience with these spectacular creatures or you can give this special activity to someone you love as a gift, that they won’t forget for the rest of their lives.

While diving with sharks in Istanbul Akvaryum you get the chance to see more than twenty sharks from different regions around the world up close and swim with them. With this activity, which you can do alone or with your family and friends, you will experience unforgettable moments.

Everyone who is over the age of 14 and doesn’t have any medical problems that would prevent one from diving can participate at the shark dive, accompanied by experts. After the dive the participants receive a special “Istanbul Akvaryum Diving Certificate”. This certificate only states that you participated in the shark dive activity and doesn’t hold any official validity.

  • Diving Course for Beginners

If you are interested in scuba diving training, you can choose diving courses organized by expert instructors at the Bosporus Underwater Research Center within the CMAS (Confederation Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques – World Underwater Events Confederation) standards. By successfully completing the courses, which do not require any prerequisites and for which the dive equipment is provided by the program, you are able to receive the desired diving certificate.

  • Gift Shop

After you have visited Istanbul Akvaryum, the world’s biggest thematic aquarium, don’t forget to take a look at the special gifts/souvenirs in our gift shop at the exit.

The gift shop offers many beautiful and qualitative original products such as colorful toys, various souvenirs, and ornaments of the sea creatures in Istanbul Akvaryum, magnets, accessories and trinkets for every desire. You can keep one of the special products, offered to you in our shop, as a souvenir for yourself or give it to somebody as a meaningful and nice gift, who is interested in the sea and its creatures.

If you come to Istanbul Akvaryum, we would love to welcome you to our gift shop before you leave!


Aqua Florya Shopping and Life Center opened its doors on 04th October 2012 to its customers with a brand new concept that aims to change the vision of ordinary shopping centers. The most desirable point of Aqua Florya, which combined entertainment and shopping under one roof, is the world’s biggest thematic aquarium, called Istanbul Akvaryum. Also, the delicious tastes of diverse kitchens, cafés, and restaurants with sea view and a big amphitheater for various events, is its specialization. The doors of fascinating view and ambiance, which will let you feel unique are open 7 days from 10 am till 10 pm.