Turkey’s third largest island of Bozcaada, the most valuable in terms of tourist and cultural districts of the country. This district of Çanakkale is located in the northwest of the island. Its surface area is 40 square kilometers and its population can reach up to 1500 people in winter and 5000 people in summer. The district has a unique climate structure.
Although it is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate, the northern winds are also abundant as it is directly opposite the Bosphorus. This situation is shown among the most important factors of the low humidity rate in the district. Every year, many domestic and foreign tourists come to the district.

Bozcaada Attractions
The list of places to visit in Bozcaada are as follows: Ada Streets, Bozcaada Castle, Wine Factories, Ayazma Monastery, Göztepe, Bozcaada Museum, Wind Roses, Historical Monuments and Art Galleries. Ada Streets, Göztepe, Bozcaada Museum and Art Galleries are the places that people prefer to come and see especially.

You can rent a car to get around the bays comfortably or you can also provide transportation by minibuses. farm houses available, should visit the bays (Habbele and Ayazma beaches are the best bays) in the charming and beautiful restaurants should be tasted in the air if you want to swim in the calm bays and a beautiful island tour Bozcaada.

What to Eat and Where to Eat in Bozcaada
There are various alternatives to eat in the district. The tea gardens, where tourists and islanders come together, are among the most time spent on the island. Tea, sage and Turkish coffee as a drink, food (breakfast plate) toast, doner, pancake, menemen, there are varieties such as omelets. Generally, breakfast accommodation, beach restaurants for lunch, restaurants in the center are preferred for dinner.

Where to Stay in Bozcaada
There are many options to stay in Bozcaada. If you want to stay in the center there are many guesthouses, hostels and small hotels. Most of the hostels and hotels here serve breakfast and meals in their private gardens, some at tables on the street.

It is recommended to have a private car to stay outside the center. The vineyard houses used as pensions, small hotels with maximum two floors and holiday farms will be the most suitable choices and options for people who want to stay out of the center. The most important advantages of the facilities here are intertwined with vineyards and nature view. There are also several seaside facilities in the district, but there are no seaside facilities on public beaches.

Bozcaada Where and How to Go
Bozcaada is located in the province of Canakkale. . After crossing the Dardanelles, you can reach the Geyikli Freight Ferry Ferry Port in about 50 minutes by following the signs to Geyikli Bozcaada.

If you are coming from Izmir, you can reach the pier by following Ezine and Geyikli signs without having to go to Çanakkale. The distance of the district to Istanbul is 400 km, the distance to Ankara is 710 km, the distance to Bursa is 320 km, the distance to İzmir is 280 km and the distance to Çanakkale is 60 km.